Presented by

Cody Drake
Sigmafine Product Specialist

Presentation from the Sigmafine Summit in Houston, September 18, 2018.

Applying Sigmafine & Thermodynamics Extension for Energy Balance & Performance Monitoring – Houston

Accurate monitoring of energivorous equipment is critical to optimize the real-time operations and to save energy. Especially in industrial sector, energy indicators are essential to set targets, to execute benchmarking analysis and to monitor energy performances. Sigmafine provides a set of trustable data to perform energy calculations and KPIs. The key process parameters (unmeasured) are calculated on validated quantities that are made consistent each other according to first principle equations, based on a combined mass and energy balance, minimizing at the same time the measurements’ uncertainty. For the process information that cannot be directly seen in measured data (i.e. the energy of a stream cannot be measured by instruments), the Thermodynamics Package provides an accurate estimation using equations of state. Since the thermodynamic extension is natively integrated with Sigmafine, they together represent a unique and complete solution for accounting and engineering purposes.

Presented by

Cody Drake
Sigmafine Product Specialist

Cody Drake has been a Sigmafine Product Specialist at Pimsoft since joining in 2015. He has been a lead on a diverse collection of Sigmafine projects, product implementations, and customer trainings. Cody is a part of the Delivery Services team located in the Houston office and strives to best support every customer he works with. Cody attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a Bachelor of Science with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

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Conversione dei display PI ProcessBook in PI Vision

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