Hear how Contac builds a formal metallurgical accounting system based on Sigmafine and further enhanced the system’s functionality, traceability, ease of use, and scalability for the mines and metals industry.

Recorded November 10th, 2021
At the Sigmafine Virtual Summit

Experience in the Implementation of Metallurgical Accounting Systems based on Sigmafine

Contac's experience in the implementation of Metallurgical Accounting Systems, based on Sigmafine, is shown. The design and implementation methodology and the main components of a formal metallurgical accounting system are detailed, responding to the requirements and industry standards.

The implemented solution is presented, highlighting Sigmafine's components and modules developed by Contac to enhance further the system's functionality, traceability, ease of use, and scalability. Finally, it will be discussed how Contac is planning to adapt the modules developed for the metallurgical balance to SigmafineHub recently released by Pimsoft.

About Contac Ingenieros Ltda.

Contac Ingenieros’ Systems Division works in the areas of ​​automation, process control, and industrial computing develops and implements control systems, automation, and asset management operations for the process industry, mining, pulp, petrochemicals, and energy sectors. They are based in Chile and do projects throughout LATAM.

Contac integrates third-party technologies and incorporates their own developments, methodologies, best practices, and products depending on the customer’s requirements. Contac’s vision is to be considered as a strategic technology partner preferred by their customers, in adopting automation technologies, communications, and industrial computing. Its mission is to guarantee value to its customers through the integration and development of best practices, methodologies, products, and technologies.

Felipe Kripper
Jefe de Proyectos
Contac Ingenieros Ltda.

Felipe Kripper has a B.S. in Electrical Engineer from the University of Chile. He has been working for more than 15 years in designing, developing, and commissioning applications on the Pimsoft Sigmafine and OSIsoft PI  platforms. He has led the Contac Ingenieros Team for Metallurgical Balance using Sigmafine, including clients in Chile and South America, including CODELCO, BHP, AMSA, MARCOBRE, Lumina Copper, and others.

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