Learn how INEOS has integrated Sigmafine in their Cologne petrochemical site as their central balancing tool and how that has affected the results in their business and day-to-day process.

Recorded November 11th, 2021
At the Sigmafine Virtual Summit

Balancing a petrochemical site with Sigmafine

INEOS Cologne Case Study

In 2019 INEOS Cologne started to use Sigmafine as the central balancing tool for the petrochemical complex.

In this presentation, we share:

  • the principles of the balancing process at the Cologne site
  • Integration of results in the business processes
  • the day-to-day process
  • the first learnings of the work with the Sigmafine software

About Ineos Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

INEOS Group:

  • 26.000 employees
  • 194 sites in 29 countries
  • 36 businesses
  • 66 million tons of chemicals capacity
  • 20 million t of refinery products
  • $61 billion Sales

INEOS in Cologne

  • 2.500 employees
  • 4 businesses
  • 21 production plants
  • 5 million tons of chemicals capacity
  • biggest manufacturing site of INEOS
  • Third Biggest Industrial Employer in Cologne

Dr. Alexander Gammersbach
Team Leader Site Balancing
INEOS Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH
+49 221 3555 2208

After his studies in Chemistry at the RWTH Aachen and a Post Doc work at USCM at Montpellier Alexander Gammersbach started at the petrochemical site in 1999 which became INEOS Cologne today. After different tasks in production and planning, he changed to the central balancing team of the site introducing PIMSOFT as a new balancing tool.

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