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Presented by

Gabriele Marazzi
Industry Principal – Gas Transportation & Distribution

Presentation from the Sigmafine Summit in Milan, October 10, 2019.

Sigmafine for Gas Transportation and Distribution

The natural gas market is currently experiencing rapid growth: since 2010, the average global gas consumption has grown by 1.8% per year, making it the fastest growing energy source aside renewables. Sigmafine is currently operating in liquefaction facilities, terminals & pipelines, and regassification plants. This presentation introduces Sigmafine applied to gas transportation and distribution segment where reliable networks balance is critical to optimal operations.

Presented by

Gabriele Marazzi
Industry Principal – Gas Transportation & Distribution

Gabriele has a technical background in IT and Hardware solutions related to energy management, process monitoring, IIoT and data analytics tools applied to the Oil & Gas (refining and gas distribution), petrochemical and production sectors. He significantly developed his sales and project management skills while working in Seoul (South Korea) and London (UK), where he was in charge of growing new business opportunities in new territories.

Gabriele holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from Politecnico di Milano with specialization in environmental remediation. He extended his studies by attending the EU Executive Training Programme in Korea at Yonsei University (Seoul) in 2015. He joined Pimsoft in 2018 as Sales Engineer.

Dow Corning – Unit Yield Performance and Plant Production Accounting with the Sigmafine/PI System Infrastructure (Webinar 2013)

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Validation through reconciliation for the Upstream Industry

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